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Independent Jaguar Service & Repair Specialist

RAMSPEED Automotive welcomes you to our state-of-the-art European vehicle service and performance centre located in the Sydney’s Hills district, only 1min off the M2 Freeway and the Abbott Road exit.

RamSpeed Automotive are a Professional European & Independent Jaguar Service and Repair Specialist and we actually care about Your Car!

We ensure all of your service requirements are met and have a thorough understanding of everything that needs to be serviced or repaired on Your Jaguar. RamSpeed meticulously completes all the mechanical work needed and then we show you all of the repairs and diagnostic logs on completion. Our scheduled servicing of your Jaguar car will uphold your original manufacturer’s warranty and genuine replacement Jaguar parts are used in servicing vehicles under manufacturers’ warranty.

RamSpeed Automotive is a premium Independent Jaguar Service & Repair Centre and we specialise in the service and repair of all current and past Jaguar models. Whether you have a Jaguar as your hobby car, weekender or a family vehicle your Jaguar will be worked on with high degree of workmanship and upmost automotive care your Jaguar Deserves!

For more up to date examples of recent JAGUAR service and repair jobs at RamSpeed, please click on the following LINK* and enjoy detailed pictures and descriptions of various car models with mechanical jobs on all types of JAGUAR vehicles.

* Service jobs include regular scheduled servicing, gearbox service and repairs, clutch issues, suspension work, brake servicing, electrical faults as well as a more in depth JAGUAR diagnostics and troubleshooting repairs.

Your New Car Warranty is Protected

By using Jaguar Service Specialist like RamSpeed Automotive, you don’t have to worry about preserving your new car's statutory warranty originally issued by Jaguar. RamSpeed Automotive is an authorised member of MTA (Motor Traders Association), this means new car Franchise Dealers do not have a monopoly on "Log Book" Servicing and scheduled maintenance of your Jaguar.

Only Jaguar Diagnostic Scan Tools are used on your vehicle and we provide a complete Vehicle Scan and report with every service or repair.

We carry out the manufacturer's hand book services and certify your Jaguar service book accordingly. For your peace of mind, this means that your new car warranty has been validated and will be protected under Australian new vehicle warranty laws.

Only genuine or recommended spare parts are used on your Jaguar. The quality and reliability in this option reduces incompatibility issues and avoids the likelihood of serious malfunction and or uneconomical operation.

If anything additional needs to be done beyond what you agree to when you book, we’ll always give you a call to get your OK. A simple courtesy that you are owed and one, we will gladly provide. When you come to pick up your Jaguar, unless you tell us otherwise we’ll literally explain everything that has been done on your Jaguar or any other European car in straight forward everyday language.

Your Old Jaguar Parts Are Kept

If requested, for peace of mind, we’ll actually show you why and how we’ve done each job on your Jaguar. We even keep all your old parts just to show you why we had to repair or renew them. If you have any questions about how your Jaguar is running at the moment or you’d like to book it in for service now just pick up the phone and give RamSpeed a call on 02 9620 9982.

Want to pop in? Just go to our Contact page for our full address and Contact details. Feel free to browse around our site and look at our client testimonials to get more of a feel about who we are and why we are such a proficient Jaguar Service Centre. Want to chat without a call? No problem, click on our live chat and chat online with one of our friendly and courteous Jaguar service advisors.

Jaguar Service with a difference!

A Jaguar scheduled service or repairs performed by our qualified technicians who go beyond just traditional repairs. RamSpeed Automotive covers all of the aspects utilising Jaguar diagnostics equipment including special performance models and their specific modules. RamSpeed Automotive can enhance your vehicle value and performance across the entire Jaguar model range. RamSpeed Automotive offers a full range of Jaguar servicing, repairs, specialist Jaguar diagnostic, auto electrical work and all at very affordable prices. At RamSpeed Automotive we can give your Jaguar every care and attention it deserves. RamSpeed Automotive is the ONLY Australian based European car specialist which also performs highly specialised performance work on high-end models including special edition Jaguar releases. Our turbo charging experience and specialist tools can often result in inexpensive repairs to increasingly complex Jaguar cars and in the process we save you on repairs and maintenance costs.

European cars like the Jaguar must be maintained at the highest factory specified level. RamSpeed ensures that approved OE (Original Equipment) Jaguar parts and oils are used to ensure your Jaguar is performing at optimum power and performance outputs, keeping your long term Jaguar repair servicing costs low.

More than just Jaguar Service

Our Jaguar service offers an extensive list of checks and balances, which often result in a high level of post service satisfaction with our customers. There are no grease marks, unstamped service books or unexplained repairs. More often than not our inspections and repair reports are more comprehensive than what you would expect from Jaguar dealer.

With the latest equipment to diagnose fault codes and complex Jaguar electronics we have invested in a specialist Jaguar tools and diagnostics equipment which allows our qualified technicians to diagnose any problems quickly and efficiently while keeping your cost low. Our comprehensive system diagnostics start from $88.00 including GST.

Jaguar Service & Repairs

Getting your Jaguar serviced with RamSpeed Automotive means that your cars warranty always stays protected, while vehicles outside of the manufacturer’s warranty retain enhanced resale value. This is because we use genuine or approved spare parts which are of “Original Equipment” (OE) quality standard. Where appropriate, we also use Original Jaguar Parts.

All Jaguar service Log books are stamped on every Jaguar service we perform. From a routine A type service to a more complex am comprehensive scheduled service & diagnostics, our service and repairs are of the highest factory standards and present outstanding value.

Furthermore no additional work is carried out without you the customer agreeing to it, making sure you are aware at all times of any extra work needed and the cost involved.

Thank you for stopping by our website. We trust we’ll see you in person very soon. When we do, just mention that you saw us here on our website and receive FREE oil filter valued up to $38.00 on your next Jaguar Service. You can even tell other Jaguar owners you might know where they can find us and where they can get honest Jaguar Service and Value!

Give us a call on 02 9620 9982

Thank you

RamSpeed Automotive (Hills) Pty Ltd

The Jaguar range of vehicles we service and repair includes (but is not limited to) the following models:

  • Jaguar 420
  • Jaguar 420G
  • Jaguar E-Type
  • Jaguar Mark I
  • Jaguar Mark II
  • Jaguar Mark IX
  • Jaguar Mark V
  • Jaguar Mark X
  • Jaguar S-Type
  • Jaguar Sovereign
  • Jaguar V12
  • Jaguar X-Type
  • Jaguar XF
  • Jaguar XJ
  • Jaguar XJ12
  • Jaguar XJ4.2
  • Jaguar XJ6
  • Jaguar XJ8
  • Jaguar XJR
  • Jaguar XJS
  • Jaguar XK
  • Jaguar XK120
  • Jaguar XK150
  • Jaguar XK8
  • Jaguar XKR

Please feel free to check our sister companies to appreciate the full amount of works performed and specialist parts supplied by our business for high end European cars such as Jaguar.

02 9620 9982

We have
to ensure a more pleasant experience

Our brand new workshop includes many customer benefits such as:

  • A 'client lounge' in which you can wait for your cars
  • 'refreshment bar' where you can enjoy tea and coffee
  • 'mini workplace' where you can login to your e-mails whilst you wait
PLUS, we offer Mercedes courtesy vehicles or VIP pickup and drop-off service within local area for our valued scheduled service and vehicle maintenance customers.

European Cars Service and Repairs

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