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Specialist Performance & Enhancement

As most cars leave the factory with a set up for average driver expectations and average conditions, customisation has become a way to personalise the characteristics of the vehicle to the owner’s preference and driving style. For example, cars may be altered to provide better fuel economy, increase engine performance with straight-from-the-race-track technology, create a much better handling and enhance your car in striking distinctive looks.

RamSpeed enables the personal identification with your car by making it unique.

Aerodynamic components

RamSpeed imports and has access to high quality components which are manufactured using high-tech production technologies and high-end materials like PU-Rim. They are custom-tailored and characterized by sporty and elegant appearance. They look and function perfectly, are race-track and wind-tunnel tested and create an ideal combination with the powerful engine upgrade for all European car models including Audi, VW, BMW, Porsche, Mini, Mercedes, Ferrari and other like Peugeot and Renault.

The Engine POWER Upgrade line-up is extensive; strong if you need it and tough enough for everyday use. It is environmentally friendly, economical and durable at the same time. High-performance test benches, taken from the Formula 1 racing, are used by the tuning engineers in Germany, to create maximum power, durability and deliver incredible smooth running. RamSpeed Automotive caters for supply, fitment and tuning of ECU’s and power modules (plug and drive) for most European vehicles. Significant power and engine optimisation improvements are possible for engines ranging from large displacement engines like the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG all the way down to zippy Alfa Romeo Mito 1.4L engines and VW Polo GTi.

Together with suspension components, wheel/tyre combination and brake systems, the improved engines available from RamSpeed are tested by technicians and test drivers at the famous Nürburgring, Automotive Testing grounds Papenburg and Hockenheim Motodrom in Germany. The High-Speed Track in Nardo, South Italy is the final destination for top-speed tests of more than 300 km/h.

All sport exhaust systems deliver a great yet never obtrusive exhaust sound. They maximize power increases and are made entirely of high quality materials like stainless steel. All products represent an exciting, up to date blend of functionality, luxury and dynamics. Our unique vale system for most European vehicles offers the best of both worlds, the street and unrestricted race use

A further speciality is the interior design appointment, where individual customer requests are fulfilled. Only the finest materials and latest media equipment are used where faultless leatherwork meets state-of-the art technology.  

02 9620 9982

We have
to ensure a more pleasant experience

Our brand new workshop includes many customer benefits such as:

  • A 'client lounge' in which you can wait for your cars
  • 'refreshment bar' where you can enjoy tea and coffee
  • 'mini workplace' where you can login to your e-mails whilst you wait
PLUS, we offer Mercedes courtesy vehicles or VIP pickup and drop-off service within local area for our valued scheduled service and vehicle maintenance customers.

European Cars Service and Repairs

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